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Żagle 2023 - sailing feast in Szczecin


This is a sailing holiday in Szczecin's calendar of summer events. Initiated in 2021 to compensate for the cancelled Tall Ships Races final, it was warmly welcomed by locals and tourists alike. The summer term meant that the event was visited by tens of thousands of Szczecin residents and their guests.

Żagle (Sails) is a new quality and new solutions of well-known sailing events. The event has shown that connecting the two banks of the Oder River without closing Jana z Kolna Street is possible in a safe way.

From 18-20 August 2023 Szczecin will be visited sailing ships and smaller vessels. The sailing ships willingly participate in the artistic programme and make their decks open to visitors.

Żagle will include various activity zones for children and families, festivals, concerts and meetings. On both the right and left shores there will be permanent attractions and interesting attractions for everyone.


Come and join us!